Air Conditioner Repair Service in Mansfield, Ohio

Keep Your A/C Blowing Ice Cold Air with Help from the Service Center at Graham Chevrolet Cadillac

In the dogdays of summer there is nothing worse than all of sudden realizing that your A/C isn't blowing cold air. Sometimes this is an easy fix, but other times, this could be the sign of something a bit worse. In either even, it's important to take care of that issue in a timely manner and with the help of professionals who are ready to get your A/C working like new in no time.

To get your A/C system issues diagnosed and repaired by professionals and in a timely manner, you are going to want to work with the service center here at Graham Chevrolet Cadillac in Mansfield, OH! We are ready to handle any and every repair with ease and get you back to enjoying driving in the summer heat around Wooster, OH in no time.

A/C System Services

Inspections on your faulty A/C system are necessary to identify the possible problem with cause and ensure that your system gets back to working at the high levels you expect in no time. In addition, your Chevrolet or Cadillac might require other services, including:

  • System Pressure Reading to Confirm Freon Level
  • Checking Temperature Output
  • Examining Proper Functionality of the Compressor and Blower Fan
  • Inspection on Hoses and Belts to for Irregular Damage or Aging

With the help we are going to be ready to offer, you are going to have no problem getting the best possible service and maintenance necessary to keep your A/C system working throughout the Ashland, OH.

Common A/C Problems and The Causes

When you look at your air conditioning system there a few common issues that you can encounter and they can include weak pressure and airflow, A/C blowing hot air, or no blowing any air at all! While these are quite common, it can sometime be tough to diagnose the cause. The most common causes for these issues can include a refrigerant leak from a faulty O-ring, a cracked A/C line, bad electrical connections, worn-out fuses, old cabin air filters, bad compressor, damage as a result of excessive engine heat, an old receiver dryer, or broken tubing. Our staff can take a look at your car, truck, or SUV, diagnose any issues and repair your system in a timely manner.

When Can These Problems Occur?

Most Chevrolet or Cadillac drivers will first realize that they have A/C problems at the beginning of summer when they turn on the system and hot air gashes out. Despite this, during the winter, the A/C system is just as important as it removes cold air moisture from your inside your car to avoid the formation of frost on your windows that can hinder visibility when you drive around Wooster, OH.

When an A/C system that fails to blow cold air could mean that the refrigerant has become contaminated, a possible leak, or even a damaged component. When the refrigerant level is added on top without replacing the old refrigerant or identifying the cause of the problem, the malfunction will most likely continue. Without professional help, opening the A/C system without professional help may result in system pressure changes that further worsen the performance.

A/C Recharge

In this situation, our trained technicians conduct an evacuation and recharge on the entire system. This service involves our trained professionals flushing out the old refrigerant from the A/C system then evacuating the system according to the guidelines of Chevrolet and Cadillac. Then, the system is recharged with a new refrigerant and tested to ensure it is providing you with proper cooling on the adventures around Mansfield, OH.

A/C Repair

After diagnosis, if your air conditioning system is found with an issue that needs repair, our technicians can repair all components of your A/C system. These repairs can include replacing and repairing evaporators and condensers, switches, modules, relays and controllers, resistors and blower motors, orifice tubes and expansion valves, serpentine belt and compressors, seals, O-rings and hoses, accumulators, driers, and receivers.

If your A/C system is not working to keep you cool on the roads around the Ashland, OH it may be time to have the professionals in the service center here at Graham Chevrolet Cadillac dig into your A/C system. Schedule a time to visit and get ready to enjoy that ice cold air in no time. See you soon!

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