Today's high technology cars require a large amount of attention and we have the state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate complications that may arise. Our fully trained technicians are here to relieve you from the headaches that may come from car problems as well as regularly scheduled maintenance. To request a service appointment please fill out all applicable information below. If you feel more comfortable speaking to our team over the phone give us a call at (419) 989-4012 or contact us via e-mail. 

Be prepared to tell us your preferred date and time. Your vehicle information and service needed along with your contact information. We will confirm your appointment within one business day via your chosen preferred contact method.



Scheduling Your Service Online with Our Mansfield, OH Chevrolet Dealership

Our team wants to help make vehicle ownership as simple as possible. Part of keeping everything simple is making sure you can get the services that you need in a straightforward way, which is why we have an online service scheduling tool for you to use. This tool means it will be easy to get your Chevy car, truck, or SUV in for whatever work it might need.

We want to help you see some of the advantages of choosing our online service scheduler and what our service team near Wooster, OH can do for you.

Chevrolet Services You Can Schedule Online

No matter if you are looking for routine maintenance or if you need a more in-depth repair, our team is here to help. A few of the services that you can schedule online include:

• Oil Change and other Fluid Inspections

• Tire Rotations, Balancing, and Alignments

• Washing, Waxing, and Cleaning

• Engine Tune-Up

• State Inspection

When you are looking for a Chevy service department that you can trust, know that our team is here for you.

Servicing Your Chevrolet Near Ashland, OH

While there are other service centers that you can choose, choosing our Chevy dealership will be your best choice to care for your vehicle. Our service team is made up of factory-trained technicians who will be able to instill the confidence that you need in your vehicle. You will have less unexpected issues to worry about when you have our team inspect and care for your vehicle.

We use OEM parts to keep your Chevy running its best. You will also be able to find genuine Chevrolet parts when you shop online with our parts department.

The Benefits of Scheduling Your Service Online

Being able to book online means you can stay in the comfort of your own home while getting scheduled for everything that you will need. You will never need to take time out of your daily routine to ensure your Chevrolet gets taken care of, instead you can take a few spare minutes in your day to make an appointment for the time that works best for your needs.

Booking Your Appointment Online

The straightforward form for booking your Chevy service only asks for basic information on how to contact you, when you want your service, your vehicle, and what you need. This simple approach means you will be left with no questions throughout, but you are always welcome to contact our team if one does come up.

Why service matters, #1: Importance of regular fluid changes

The most basic maintenance of all is the regularly-scheduled oil change. Quality motor oil lubricates your engine, the heart of your car. Many of your car's moving parts come in contact with each other and generate a lot of heat and friction. The kind of quality synthetic motor oils we use at Graham Chevrolet Cadillac provide lubrication and cooling that helps your engine parts work more smoothly, without friction or premature wear.

Other liquid elements of your car can also benefit from frequent or occasional changes. Examples include changing your brake fluid, your power steering fluid, your automatic transmission fluid and even your windshield wiper fluid. Whether you live in Wooster or  Ashland, OH, ask us to check and top off your fluid levels any time.

Why service matters #2:  Your tires need to go the distance

When you and your family are traveling at high rates of speed on the highway, your tires are the one thing standing between your family and the road. It's easy to take your tires for granted but if the tread depth isn't deep enough or you have irregular tread patterns or severe wear, your tires may not get a proper grip, especially on rainy, wet, snowy or slick surfaces. Just ask and we can check  the condition of your tires each time you visit.

To help your tires last longer, we recommend a regular tire rotation with every oil change. If your tires are showing uneven wear, we would probably recommend getting a wheel alignment. If your tires are wearing out or showing risky, uneven wear patterns, we will recommend new tires. To make it simple, we always have a great selection of outstanding new tires available in-house from well-known quality brands. 

Why service matters #3: The vital role of your brakes and battery

The fact that your brakes need to be working properly is self-evident. If your brakes are emitting squeaks or a grinding noise, the brake pads might be wearing out. Changing them now can help avoid having your worn-out pads wear down your rotors, which is a more expensive fix. 

Your battery is one component that can really leave you in the lurch, and it can wear down so gradually you may not notice until one morning when you're running late for work and your car won't start. We can check your battery's current power regularly and clean corrosion off your cables. If it's time for a new battery, we always have plenty of powerful choices in a nice range of prices and warranties.

We can provide you with a complete plan for regular maintenance to keep your Chevy or Cadillac running stronger, longer. Call us or go online soon to schedule service or maintenance at Graham Chevrolet Cadillac in Mansfield, OH.

Exploring the Chevrolet Service Specials

Service specials near Shelby, OH put some of the most popular service appointments at the price you will want. We work with you to make sure caring for your vehicle puts the least stress on your life and offering a wide range of service specials is one way that we can do that. Our specials change often, so be sure to check back so you don't miss a great price on the services that you could need.

Contact Our Team to Learn More About How We Help Simplify Vehicle Ownership

Feel free to reach out to our team so that we can help meet any of your automotive needs. Our team is always happy to answer your questions and to guide you towards anything that you might need. From offering service scheduling online to our online financing prequalification form, it only takes a few clicks to find what you need when you choose our dealership.

We have already helped many Bucyrus, OH drivers care for their Chevrolet car, truck, or SUV, and we are sure that we can help you too. All you need to do is visit our website or contact our dealership to get started.