Multi-Point Inspection Service in Mansfield, Ohio

Schedule an Inspection Service at Graham Chevrolet Cadillac in Mansfield, OH

Our trained technicians strive to provide every customer with the highest possible level of service. When you bring your Cadillac or Chevrolet to us, we'll use only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, which provides additional peace of mind. We can do so much more than help your vehicle; we will help keep you safe by offering a multi-point inspection that lets you know which parts need service and which issues can wait.

Why Schedule an Inspection With Us?

If you're looking for ways to get the most from your Cadillac or Chevrolet in Mansfield, OH, proper maintenance is essential. While most owners stay on top of service work, others do not, and inspections can point out small problems before they become unmanageable and expensive.

Whether you're driving for the first time in a while or planning a road trip outside Wooster, OH, our inspection services will help you get there safe and sound. Schedule an appointment today or browse our specials to get a great price on the services you need.

The Proper Timing of Vehicle Inspections

Unlike other automotive services, Cadillac and Chevrolet inspections aren't set for time periods or mileage intervals. You can schedule an inspection whenever you wish. These inspections provide valuable information about a vehicle's condition, which helps you make informed decisions and ensures a longer lifespan for the Cadillac you love.

What Do We Include in an Inspection?

Our Cadillac and Chevrolet inspections cover a range of services and parts. Listing all the components we evaluate would take a long time, so we'll summarize the process with a few categories. First, we'll examine parts that are crucial to driver and passenger safety. Then, we'll look at areas that are necessary for efficient operation, such as the driveshaft.

Finally, we will check parts that wear out quickly, like brakes. Some parts are in more than one category, but all get checked with one goal: to keep you safe and happy on the roads around Ashland, OH. An inspection at Graham Chevrolet Cadillac will cover areas including:

  • Engine oil - Our inspections determine how much life your oil has left, which can help you schedule your next oil change.
  • Tires - A vehicle's tires keep it moving down the road. Our service specialists will ensure that your tires remain balanced, aligned, and in peak condition.
  • Window glass and wiper blades - Your wiper blades are an essential component on rainy days, and our inspectors will ensure that they're working properly. Furthermore, we will inspect your windshield and windows for chips, cracks, and other damage.
  • Essential fluids - During the inspection, we will check your vehicle's fluid levels, including the windshield washer tank and brake fluid reservoir.
  • Brakes - If you want to keep your vehicle's brakes performing at peak efficiency, we'll inspect the braking system and its hoses, pads, and lines.
  • Battery connections - There's never a good time for a dead battery, but this problem is largely preventable. Our battery testing services will determine your battery's health, and we will also ensure that its connections and cables are in good condition.

An additional evaluation of crucial systems helps us check for oil leaks and other concerns. Our trained techs will also evaluate the condition of your vehicle's systems and components.

Our Inspection Services Are a Great Value for the Money

Not only are our inspections done without obligation, but we also offer service specials to keep our prices competitive. We want our customers to get the best service for the lowest possible price, and we regularly update our promotions to reflect that wish. Our inspections offer great value for your investment, along with our service specials. Request additional information online or call us today to schedule Cadillac or Chevrolet service.

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